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Grateful For You: A Gratitude Journal for Parents

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A Gratitude Journal for Parents to Preserve Memories and Special Moments. Grateful for You is a memory book for parents that highlights the everyday moments with your baby, rather than just the milestones. This journaling book is meant to be available in all of life’s in-betweens - write down a sweet story you never want to forget, something funny your baby did, or even the struggles you’ve faced as a parent. There’s no wrong way to use the journal, you can journal in it everyday or simply jot down the sweet moments whenever you need.

Special features include:

• Beautifully designed journaling pages accented with hand-drawn artwork

• Elegant cloth cover with foil and deboss

• Acid-free and archival paper

• Ribbon bookmark to help you mark your place

• Layflat design so you can easily write in your journal

    Kindness is always beautiful

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