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Happy Birthday Indiviual Confetti Packs Retro Vibe

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The way to make your birthday packages and gifts stand out from the crowd: Add a sweet little confetti celebration. Delighted happy smiles guaranteed.

-Perfect addition for birthday cards, gifts, and gift baskets.

-Slip into a pocket or lunchbox for a cheerful surprise.

-Exciting touch to tie onto a birthday package.

-Small, biodegradable confetti won't harm the environment.

Each holographic-rainbow pack is flat and measures 4.5" x 3", making it a breeze to tuck into just about anywhere. They are filled with a small handful of rainbow-hued biodegradable confetti.

Simple to use, impossible to resist!


Size: 4.5"x3" packs

Styles: Retro Vibe Burst A & Retro Vibe Retro C

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