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Puck Shaped Bath Bombs

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Puck Shaped Bath Bombs with Animal Surprises Inside made in small batches with water toy Refill Puck Shape Fizzies Blind Box with Clue on Fizzy to Guess Surprise Animal! 


 24 - 7oz XL Puck Fizzies

Surprises Animals: Giraffe, Lion, Horse, Donkey, Dino, Dog, Cat, Goose, Dolphin, Whale, Seahorse, Turtle, Shark, & Mystery Animal!

Gentle Formula with Essential Oils Colors: Purple, Blue, Green, Pink & Orange

Synthetic Free Scents: Blackberry Vanilla, Tropical Rain, Cucumber Pear, Pomegranate Blush, Mango Papaya & Pineapple Sunshine

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