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Seagrass Wall Fans

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Materials: seagrass the symbol of wealth, good luck and protection: the purpose of fan, is to guide and redirect energy to the desired space. In oriental fengshui, it’s a symbol of wealth, good luck and protection. Beautiful fan tail motifs and decorative fans are traditional wall pediment in asian homes. Handmade & earth-friendly: the rustic wall fans are made of organic seagrass grown in vietnam and crafted by hand of vietnamese artisans. Seagrass is a plant that’s sustainably grown and easy to harvest, making it great eco-friendly and sustainable materials. For a thousand of years, it has been widely used by artisans to make home furniture and accessories, including decorative wall pediment and decoration.


Small-19.75"Wide x 11.8"High
Medium-29.5" Wide x 17.7" High
Large- 35.4" Wide x 23.6" High

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