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Tag Team Dust Broom

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Team up. This dynamic duo has, and it’s glorious. This compact sweep set has a loop which allows it to hang while also being completely self-standing, so you can kiss that clumsy tangle of brooms and dustpans goodbye. With one touch, the dustpan pivots to empty easily into the trash - say goodbye to awkward wrist gymnastics and tragic garbage misses. Now you’re playing with the pros.

  • Dustpan pivots to make emptying easy and mess-free
  • Broom locks into dustpan + stands on its own for easy storage
  • Teeth on dustpan comb through broom bristles to remove debris


Bamboo, Recycled Aluminum, Recycled Plastic. Hand Wash.
37”L x 12.2” W x 6.5”H


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