4 Tips for Savvy Home Décor Shoppers

4 Tips for Savvy Home Décor Shoppers

Buyers don’t have to drive to Atlanta or Nashville to find great deals, decorating ideas, and trendy merchandise to style their homes. Local home décor stores like dWELLing Home Décor in Ringgold, Georgia offer design consultants who will take a look at your living space and provide recommendations based on your personality and style that will bring you a sense of peace and rest so you can enjoy your dWELLing space.

The owners of dWELLing offer some tips for savvy home décor shoppers searching for the perfect pieces to fit their style.

  1. Make your dWELLing fit your personality

We are all unique and have our very own sense of style. Some are very formal, while others are laid back and casual. Some are chic and elegant, while others are trendy but minimal. We need to feel comfortable reflecting our personalities in our homes. Whether it’s a modern kitchen with the perfect backsplash, a trendy living room with a retro sofa, or minimalist bedroom where throw pillows bring the most comfort, we want to love our homes and our décor. The best way to do that is to surround yourself with things you love that bring a smile to your face.

  1. Keep an eye out for deals

Everyone loves a good deal, but deals don’t have to come in the form of a sale or a coupon. Some home décor stores automatically have great prices simply because they carry small batch “Made in the USA” items. Another type of “deal” that some local stores offer is access to free design consultants. That’s a huge price saver in and of itself. Rather than pay an interior designer to style your home, having access to the services of a design consultant who will come to your home and help you decorate your kitchen, bath, bed, and living rooms as a free service is a deal unlike any other.

  1. Be open to new ideas

Yes, you love linens and tablescapes and you have lots of them. But have you tried changing up the colors to reflect a more soothing environment that makes you feel calm in your otherwise chaotic home? Or if you feel like your space is dreary and drab, have you tried adding vibrant colors and patterns or new wall decor to change the vibe of your dreary room? There are some quick, easy, and simple ways to turn your rooms into more functional and friendly spaces. Not sure how to do it? Ask a design consultant at dWELLing Home Décor for ideas.

  1. Repurpose and Upcycle

Sometimes you have a special piece of home décor, like a vase or a work of art, that was a gift from someone you really loved who’s no longer with you, and you just can’t bear to part with these things. So what should you do with them? Rather than hiding them in a closet or under your bed, repurpose or upcycle them. For example, rather than donating or tossing your grandmother’s old hardback dining chair, repaint it and make it a little more comfortable by adding a cushion or throw pillow to the seat or back. Tired of using that same old vase for flowers in the living room? Why not move it to the guest bathroom and fill it with incense sticks and floral stems? There are plenty of ways you can reuse the treasures you already have in your home. Not sure how? Just ask a design consultant!

The purpose of dWELLing Home Décor is to create a sense of peace and rest in your place of dWELLing. Providing quality home goods and design consultation services, dWELLing Home Décor is located in Ringgold, Georgia with an online store that helps customers nationwide. Visit dWELLingHomeDecor.com for more information.  

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