An example of a Realtor closing gift program gift basket featuring items for a new home buyer's kitchen

dWELLing's Realtor Closing Gift Program Makes Relationship Marketing Easy

From the housing market to apparel trends, you can find the hottest gifts of the summer at dWELLing Home Dècor in downtown Ringgold, GA.

For local and regional realtors who want to leave something unique, trendy, and useful as a thank you to new home buyers, dWELLing offers a special Realtor Closing Gift Program.

The experienced designers at the home dècor boutique will put together an owner-specific gift basket based on information the realtor provides about the buyers. 

By getting to know customers on an individual level, realtors have the opportunity to provide appropriate closing gifts. Whether it's gardening, baking, or other types of hobbies that make a new home buyer happy, a customized gift basket can be crafted specifically featuring products related to that customer's interests.

Do they like gardening or are kitchen gadgets their love language? Do they need throw pillows for the sofa or loveseat they just bought to fit their new living room? 

When realtors provide details like these to the staff at dWELLing, a team of experts will put together hand-curated, themed gift baskets that fit the personality of each customer. Participants of the Realtor Closing Gift Program, open only to licensed realtors, will receive a 15% discount on gift baskets.

The purpose of the Realtor Closing Gift Program by dWELLing is to allow interior decorating experts to craft a gift basket that is meaningful to new home buyers while saving realtors valuable time.

The program aims to make relationship marketing easier for local and regional realtors who rely on referrals for business growth.

Stop by dWELLing Home Decor & Apparel today to get signed up for the Realtor Closing Gift Program!

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