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Bible Guides

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The Bible Highlighting Guide is a guide to using Bible highlighters to intentionally dig deeper into Scripture. The small book gives lots of tips on different ways you can highlight your Bible to help you create a system that works for you.

This book is designed to help you inductively study Scripture and make the most of your Bible study time while learning to use several different highlighting methods.

Is there a teenager in your life who wants to spend time with God on their own but isn't sure where to start? This resource will guide teens through their first 30 quiet times in an easy to understand way. Come Close: A 30-Day Guide to Spending Time with God will:

Guide teens through how to read the Bible, pray, and practice other spiritual disciplines

Help teens understand who God is and how they can know Him

Thoughtfully explain foundational truths about the gospel, the Trinity, the Church, and more Special resources:

Instructions on how to find passages in the Bible

Illustration of the gospel

Extra on how we know the Bible is trustworthy

Extra on seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

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