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Devotional, Study and Reference Tool

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Distracted: 40 Days to know God more and live freed - A spiritual revolution is about to take place as we intentionally invite the Holy Spirit to guide us away from distractions and closer to God. During this period, we will be fasting from busyness, comparison, and overwhelm (to name a few) with the hope of finding more of Jesus when our hearts are focused less on the things of this world and more on His word.

Release: A Lent Study Tool - Our Release Lent Study Tool has seven weekly devotionals and is designed to be read one time per week Each week you’ll journey through themes guiding us to "release" in order to "retain". Our author's heart was led to encourage you not to simply “give something up” during this season, but instead, RELEASE (perfectionism, comparison, doubt, control) in order to RETAIN (the true and living Word of God that ultimately defines you).

Warrior Words: Scripture Reference Tool Warrior Words: A Scripture Reference Tool of 100+ Emotions and Circumstances If you've ever done a Google search to find verses that relate to what you're going through, you need this tool! Warrior Words is a powerful, hard-hitting resource that helps you quickly reference what the Lord has A letter from Britt + how to get the most out of this tool: Our desire is to be a vessel for the Lord to create a tool that enables us to fight for truth in the middle of uncertainty, lies and less than ideal circumstances. Our prayer is this tool will be your go-to in moments where the world seems to spin. We pray you would open your "Warrior Words" book to find hope, peace, and most importantly, truth by identifying with emotion or circumstance and being led to open your Bible and hear straight from the word of God. Our dreams and desires, paired with our knowledge of God's character and faithfulness, begin to become much more grand and holy than we could ever imagine apart from knowing Christ.



Distracted: 40 Days to know God more and live freed

Release: A Lent Study Tool 

Warrior Words: Scripture Reference Tool 

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