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L'AVANT Blushed Bergamot Collection

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Experience the luxurious scents of bergamot, orange blossom, amber, and cedar with our new Blushed Bergamot scent. The signature scent offers a bright citrus aroma with an earthy edge, while the beautiful blush pink glass bottle adds a touch of elegance to your daily washing routine. Enjoy a gentle hand wash, knowing that you are giving your hands a luxurious experience.

Performing Dish Soap: Your modern lifestyle meets our modern dish soap! Our l’avant collective powerful dish soap has it all in one gorgeous, matte white glass bottle: plant-based ingredients, reusable bottle, and a high-performing formula. Our concentrated dish soap cuts through the toughest grease while soothing your skin. This stunner will instantly elevate any countertop—refill after refill. These beautiful bottles are destined for long life. Our convenient refills add a grace note of value to your countertop elegance, providing two complete refills per container.

Multipurpose Cleaner: Our high-performing multipurpose surface cleaner elevates the everyday chore of wiping down your surfaces, all while providing a powerful cleaner to remove grease, grime, and the uninvited house guests living on your surfaces. Upgrade any counter - kitchen or bathroom - with our beautiful recycled plastic bottle and modern trigger sprayer.  Our elegant trigger-spray bottle can be refilled again and again thanks to our amazing multipurpose concentrate.

High Performing Hand Soap: This luxurious plant-based hand soap gently cleanses, leaving your hands soft and smooth. Refill our elegant and reusable blushed pink glass bottle again and again using L'AVANT Collective Hand Soap Refill.


no bleach, dyes, phthalates, phosphates, or parabens
Made in United States
Size: 2Ib, 1Ib and 2Ib
Types: Dish Soap, Hand Soap, & Multipurpose Cleaner 

L'AVANT Collective was born out of the near constant demand for cleaning up after our kids and pets but wanting the products we used to be non-toxic, highly effective, and conveniently located. L'AVANT Collective merges home design and style with the ultimate efficacy to deliver an unforgettable, non-toxic, eco-luxe experience. Now your cleaning products can be as beautiful as you and your home

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