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Pastel Rainbows Happy Pack

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Description: The Pastel Rainbows Happy Pack is a cute, giftable set for anyone that wants to add whimsy to studying and staying organized. The Noted! Graphite Mechanical Pencils set comes with 6 colorful pencils with extra thick graphite lead that’s just a click away. You can keep your notes organized with a set of Note Pals Sticky Tabs. These small sticky tabs look like colorful crayons. And the Jot It! Notebook, with its inspiring cover, is an invitation to write down everything from your deepest thoughts to your shopping list. This perfectly bundled pack is an easily giftable set sure to bring smiles back to study time. Suitable for ages 6 and up. Details: •1 set of 6 Noted Graphite Mechanical Pencils •1 book of Note Pals Sticky Tabs - Rainbow Crayons •1 Jot It! Notebook with 32 lined sheets/64 pages •Contained in a plastic poly bag and gift tag for easy gifting •Gift pack size 6.25 x 10.75 x 2 inches •Suitable for ages 6 and up

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