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Sleep-Over Pack: Your Essential Overnight Beauty Kit

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Wake up feeling fresh and ready to face the day after a night out with our Sleep-Over Pack. This kit is expertly curated for those staying away from home, ensuring you have all the essentials for a comfortable and refreshing morning routine.
Ideal for sleepovers, travel, or spontaneous nights out, our Sleep-Over Pack is a must-have in your overnight bag. Compact yet comprehensive, it ensures you’re prepared for any sleepover scenario, providing beauty and hygiene essentials to start your day right.


Pack Includes: Makeup-Removal Wipe: Gently and effectively clears away all traces of makeup.
Travel Toothbrush: Compact and convenient for a bright smile.
Antiperspirant Wipe: Stay fresh and confident throughout the day.
Nourishing Lip Balm: Keeps lips soft and moisturized.
Soothing Skin Lotion: Hydrates and revitalizes your skin.
Elastic Hair-Band: Tame your hair effortlessly and keep it in place. 

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